The GOSPEL means "Good News!" Have you ever heard of the "Gospel of Jesus?" It means the "Good News of Jesus!"
Did you know that Jesus is Good News?  You might be wondering, "How is Jesus Good News?" I'm glad you asked! Well, first of all, you can't have good news without some bad news. Otherwise, it would just be plain ol' news, right? I don't like sharing bad news, but the good news is that the bad news isn't so bad once you know the good news! I guess you could say, it's the badness of the bad news that makes the goodness of the good news.... so GOOD! (You still with me?)

The bad news is that the Bible tell us that everyone has done bad things. (Any honest person knows this.) And that there are consequences for those bad things. (The Bible calls those bad things "sin.") Turns out, the consequences are kinda serious. Since we sin against God, our Creator, the result is we deserve to die for our sins. (Gulp!) But the Good News, is that God loved us so much, that he sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us, so we didn't have to! (Maybe you've heard John 3:16?) It's pretty amazing love and it makes for some pretty amazingly Good News!

But to explain it even better, I made a video for you that I'd love for you to watch and enjoy! Maybe you are on this page because you recently prayed to accept Jesus as your Savior. This video will be a great reminder of your decision and help you better understand what it means to follow Jesus. Your Journey has just begun! Or maybe you are you curious to learn what it means to become a Christian? Either way, I hope you'll watch and make the most important decision of your life if you haven't all ready!


The Salvation Poem

This is a beautiful song that also can be used to ACCEPT JESUS for the first time - or as a review of the Salvation Prayer and as a dedication prayer when a child chooses to follow Jesus. It perfectly states what it means to accept Jesus and prayerfully decide to follow Him.

What's Next?

Now that you are a Christian - and a part of God's Big Family - it's important to start GROWING in your Friendship with God! 
Here are some things you can do to start growing RIGHT AWAY:

  1. Come to church every chance you get! If your parents don't go to church, see if you can go with a friend.
  2. If you don't have a Bible, try to get one. If your parents can't get you one, ask your church. They might be willing to give you one. Try to get one that is a Kid's Bible, so it is easy to read and maybe has some cool pictures, maps and other tools in it to help you understand it.
  3. Start your day with a simple prayer. "God, help me to live for you today." End your day at bedtime thanking God for how He helped you during the day. Throughout the day, stop and pray anytime God comes to mind. You can pray at meals, when you need help, or even when you get bored. God is always ready to listen or encourage you.
  4. Try to read your Bible every day. If a section is confusing or boring - skip it - that's OK. It's a big book! There are plenty of other parts you will find helpful and interesting! The most important thing is to start reading it and looking for things that can help you learn how to live for God.
  5. Look for leaders and friends who also love God who can help you live for God! As you grow those friendships, living for God will get easier.
  6. When you mess up, don't beat yourself up. God is forgiving and kind. Every day is a fresh start with your loving heavenly Father.
  7. Listen to your conscience and avoid things that pull you away from God. Try to read good books, listen to good music and watch movies and shows that fill your mind with good messages. That will also help you live for God.

A Bible Study I Wrote for You!

I wrote a Bible Study for kids called NEXT STEPS for Kids! Parents can download the first lesson here that reviews Salvation. If you do this lesson with your kids, I'll send you the next lesson. There are four in total. Completing all four would be a great way to prepare for Baptism, which is the next thing you should consider in your journey with Jesus.

Don't Keep Your Choice a Secret!

If you found this page and made a decision to follow Jesus and PastorKarl.com was a help to you on your Journey with Jesus, please let Pastor Karl know! Or if you have any questions about this site, or about Jesus or the Bible, Pastor Karl will be happy to reply and help you any way he can. That's why he created this website. But he can only write to Moms and Dads, so if you are a child, have your parent write to him for you. :)