Good News with Rev. Barney Kinard

Reverend Barney Kinard has been sharing GOOD NEWS with boys and girls for decades. In fact, waaaaaaay back in 1979 he shared the Good News with Pastor Karl at his church, when Karl was a young boy. Karl had already asked Jesus to be his Savior and Friend when he was younger, but Barney inspired him to share the Good News with kids! On that day,  Karl decided he wanted to be a pastor to kids when he grew up! Barney and Karl are the best of friends even today!
Enjoy this video of Barney sharing one of his favorite messages! To the right is a picture of Barney and Karl when Karl was in college. To the left is from when Barney did his Barney's Barrel show at young Karl's church when Karl was ten years old!

Enjoy this video of Barney sharing the GOOD NEWS!