Hello Kids Pastors!

Whether your title is children's pastor, director, coordinator or ninja - I'm glad you found this site! It is my prayer that it will be an inspiration to you and a help for your families. I've been a children's pastor for decades and started on in kids ministry as a kid!

My life mission is to Reach and Teach as many children's as possible with the Good News of God's Love and in the process to Enlist, Equip and Encourage others to do the same. It's a two-fold approach - ministry directly to kids, primarily through my own local church, and secondly to help others in their ministry to kids.

Over the years, I've created a TON of practical tools to help YOU be better at what you do. Most are hosted on Kidology.org, one of the very first children's ministry websites on the Internet. If you've never been there, I hope you'll take some time to check it out, I think you'll end up glad you did.