Moms and Dads - Guardians too!

These are videos by Pastor Karl that are for YOU. I hope your kids love this site/app - but if I can encourage you too, it'll make my day!

Moms and Dad, you have a BIG JOB! Raising kids in today's world can be a daunting task! I hope that these videos can be an encouragement to YOU as much as I hope the rest of this site will be a help to you in providing fun, positive, biblical content for your kids.

If you find PastorKarl.com helpful to your family in your effort to provide positive content for your kids, drop me a note and let me know.  It'll make my day! Helping YOU is why I do this!

Stephen gave his LIFE for Jesus. What has your faith cost you? Features the story of a modern day martyr, Jim Elliot. 

A Message by Pastor Karl about the importance of investing in our kids.

A message by Pastor Karl about whether God still does miracles today and if He does, how to see a miracle in our own lives.

The Apostle Paul's challenge to Young Timothy is a word for all of us.
Pastor Karl offers a challenge to prioritize some focused time with God. We need it now more than ever!

My lead pastor asked me to share with the church what every kids pastor wants parents to understand.

When God used a KID to teach some grown ups how to gain God's help!

Why was Pastor Karl wielding a light saber with a Jedi cloak while preaching? What does Star Wars have to do with the Gospel? While we're at it, what do ALL THE GREAT STORIES have to do with God's Epic Story - and what do they have to do with YOU?

In challenging times we can wonder what God is up to. Be encouraged! He is up to something amazing!

More than ever before, we must be intentional in the spiritual development of our children. Let me challenge you with some practical tips on how to succeed in this daunting task!