Why I created PastorKarl.com

Hello Parents!

My life's work has been to reach and teach kids for Jesus since my call to ministry at age ten. I'm a full time childen's pastor in Colorado, a trainer of children's ministry leaders through Kidology.org, a kids entertainer, camp speaker and author of books both for kids and adults who minister to them.

I already run a bunch of websites (I'll link them below) but when the COVID19 national crisis hit suddenly I couldn't minister to kids at church. Children's Pastors and ministry leaders all over the country had to scramble to find new ways to minister to kids. I quickly launched Kids Church Online and started doing webinars on How to Take your Kidmin Digital, How to use Zoom, and even How to edit in iMovie as leaders found themselves needing to adapt to this new ministry era.

BUT, the content I was creating for kids had to be delivered through children's ministry leaders, who had to choose to share with parents, who then had to show it to their kids. I began to pray about how I could offer helpful content directly to kids and families, especially since I already have so much content from decades of creating teaching videos and content for kids and families.

I launched PastorKarl.com as way to minister to kids directly while providing training and resources for parents so we could partner together to make learning to know, love and follow God could be both educational and entertaining!

I hope that parents will take the time to not only check out the Parenting Resources, Devotionals and Worship links - but that they might even watch some of the kids content with their children and then engage with them to deepen the learning through intentional conversations. I've posted some helpful tips and how to engage with your kids with the videos on the For Parents page.

Whether you are a kid reading this, a parent, or a ministry leader - I hope that you'll find PastorKarl.com helpful and I'd love your feedback and suggestions too!

Because Jesus Loves Children,
Pastor Karl Bastian