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Every HERO has a JOURNEY. So do you.

During this series we are learning about the AMAZING JOURNEY of one of the GREATEST HEROES of the Bible - Joseph. Through many challenges, Joseph never lost sight of the promise God made to him as a child. He kept his focus on God and experienced the REWARD of a life lived faithfully for God through the difficult times. We can experience the same if we will stick with God when the going gets tough!
We love blockbuster movies! And the biggest and most successful movies feature a hero we can cheer for. If you pay close attention to these epic movies, you’ll begin to notice a pattern to them. The hero doesn’t just show up and “save the day.” There is usually a journey that the hero must go on before they are ready to be the hero we long for in the story. While each story is different, there are some aspects of this journey that appear in almost every hero story. We'll be exploring those in this series and what we can learn from them. 


Joseph Reunited and Forgives His Brothers

READ ABOUT IT: Genesis 42-45
Joseph was in awe as people were coming to Egypt from near and far to get food. Then one day, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw his brothers! All but the youngest, Benjamin, were there.  He was amazed that he recognized them, but of course they didn’t recognize Joseph – how could they? They would never dream that the brother they had sold as a slave to a caravan all those years ago would be this ruler standing before them. Instead of revealing himself, he decided he needed to test them to see if they had any remorse for what they had done to him. So Joseph accused them all of being spies! Of course, they insisted they are not spies, but all sons of one man. There are twelve brothers total, the youngest who is back home with their father, and one who is no more – of course, referring to Joseph, who stands before them! They then began to speak in their own Hebrew language, not knowing that Joseph could understand, and saying that surely they were being punished by God for what they had done to Joseph! Joseph had to leave the room because he was overcome with emotion at seeing them, and at hearing this. When he came back into the room, he sent them home, asking them to bring their youngest brother Benjamin next time. But Joseph had one more test for them, you'll have to read the story for yourself to discover what it was!

If Shoes Could Talk! 
Episode One: GET A GRIP!

The short video clip for this lesson features Pastor Karl and two shoes — a slipper and a five-finger — discussing the need to have a good grip to stand firm in the tough times of life!
Featured Verses: Psalm 73:2; Ephesians 6:15; Psalm 18:33; Psalm 17:5; James 4:10; Psalm 91:11-13
THE POINT: Joseph hung on during the tough times he went through, and it paid off! As we’ll see today, his faithfulness to God was rewarded, and in turn, he was able to be forgiving toward his brothers as well.


The Hero’s Return
The biggest and most successful movies feature a hero we can cheer for. If you pay close attention to these epic movies, you’ll begin to notice a pattern to them. The hero doesn’t just show up and “save the day.” There is usually a journey that the hero must go on before they are ready to be the hero we long for in the story. While each story is different, there are some aspects of this journey that appear in almost every hero story.

What an incredible story this has been! Joseph understood that there was a Bigger Story than even his own story. God was up to something even bigger and better than even his own life. Yes, he had a dream that his brothers and family would bow down to him – that’s pretty cool – but he knew that something even more important had happened! God used him to save the lives of millions of people from a famine! His dreams were just a glimpse – a small part of what God was really up, and Joseph’s Journey all led to that incredible part of history.

That’s why HISTORY is also often called HIS-STORY, because all of History is “His Story,” or God’s Story!

Let's review the stages in the Hero’s Journey:

  • The Hero’s Calling – Some event or person that calls them to some higher purpose for their life.
  • The Hero’s Plight – Before our hero can save the day, they always have a set back. It can be a villain, but often it is something within them that holds them back that they need to overcome.
  • The Hero’s Test – Next, our hero usually has to face some kind of test to determine whether he or she is worthy of being the hero we hope they will be. They have to decide if they will be honorable and noble, or if they will cheat or lie or take a short-cut. We cheer when they make the right decision. It makes them worthy of rooting for.
  • The Hero’s Trial – After our hero passes the test, there is always a trial that causes them to second-guess whether they made the right choice. They have a chance to cheat up, turn around, or quit. If they are to be a hero, they have to pass the trial.
  • The Hero’s Hope – Finally, things start to look up for the hero. They meet a mentor, or find a map, or make some friends who join them – something happens that shows them that they are on the right path. There may still be a battle ahead, but they know they will win if they press on!
  • The Hero’s Triumph – We jump out of our seats and cheer when the hero finally wins! Evil is defeated and the hero saves the day. The victory is sweet because of the tests and trials the hero has been through. Without the hard times, the victory wouldn’t be as enjoyable. It is because of the difficulty that we celebrate the triumph.
  • The Hero’s Return – Often, there were those who doubted the hero at the beginning. They spoke words of doubt or disbelief. We love when they are proven wrong. We want them to see what the hero accomplished and we want hero vindicated!

Forgiveness can be hard, but when you see everything – even bad things – in light of what God is up to, it becomes easier to forgive people. You understand that not only are YOU on a journey and learning and growing and moving forward toward something, but so is everyone else! And they also will go through plights and trials and tests along the way. They will even fail some of those tests and trails, but God is still working on them, just like He is working on you!
READ: Colossians 3:13 (Below)
You know what makes forgiveness easier? Realizing that you need forgiveness too.
Object Lesson: A Handheld Mirror
Go find a hand held mirror somewhere in the house. As a family, give some examples of sins that people commit against us. They lie. They say mean things. They cheat. They steal. They use mean words. Hold up the mirror in front of yourself and point and say, “You lie!” or “You cheat!” Oops. See, the mirror reminds me that when I want to accuse others, I need to remember that I have done the same things. I NEED forgiveness as much as I need to forgive OTHERS.
READ: Matthew 6:14 (Below)
Forgiveness Reflection Time
Take a few minutes for some reflection time. As a family, bow their heads, close their eyes, and consider if there is someone they need to forgive.

A few points to think about as you do this:
• They don’t have to deserve forgiveness to be forgiven. We didn’t deserve for Jesus to
die for us, but he did anyway. (Romans 5:8)
• They don’t have to be sorry for us to forgive them.
  • Just because we forgive, that doesn’t make it OK. If they are doing something wrong repeatedly, we can forgive, but it’s OK to tell someone so it will stop.
  • Just because we forgive doesn’t mean we have to trust them again. If someone has hurt us, it’s OK to avoid them so we aren’t hurt again.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t make it right – it says “I’m going to let God make it right”
  • Forgiveness is rarely easy, but God can help us to forgive.
  • Sometimes we have to forgive again. Maybe even every day.
  • You might even have to forgive yourself.
  • Remember, God forgives you. Everyday.
  • There are no limits to God’s forgiveness.
  • There is nothing too big or too small that God’s can’t forgive.
  • Even when you forgive, there still might need to be healing. If you need healing, ask for
    help. Never be embarrassed to ask for help.
  • You hear “forgive and forget” a lot. It’s OK if you can’t forget. Sometimes that takes
    time. But the first step is to forgive.

Allow some time to think, reflect and pray. Perhaps you can pray something like this:

Dear Jesus, thank you for forgiving me even when I don’t deserve it. I’m so glad you sent Jesus to pay for my sins on the cross so I could be forgiven and become your child. Please help me to forgive others just as you have forgiven me. I want to be like Joseph. Help me to remember that even when people intend things for bad, you can work it out for good – to shape my character and make me a stronger person and better person because of the tests and trials that I have been through. Help me to let go of any unforgiveness that I may be holding on to. I give it all to you so that I can walk free! In Jesus Name, I forgive, as you have forgiven me! – AMEN!


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