Family Service

Sunday, September 20th, 2020

This is for Sunday! If you are here early, check out LAST SUNDAY HERE.
Families, gather around and enjoy this service together. Watch the video and then use the discussion questions below to have a conversation about the lesson.

NEW SERIES:  A Word with Wilbur - Imagination Time Machine Interviews with Bible Characters in the Old Testament!

THIS WEEK: Meeting Solomon! - Today, WE Are God's Temple

Parents, as church is re-opening, instead of full length kids church services, Pastor Karl is creating a new video every week that will be used both during the live, in-person service at his church, as well as here on PastorKarl.com for families who are unable to attend in-person, as well as for kids all over the world to enjoy!


Family Discussion Ideas:

  • Do you know your address?
  • What's the neatest thing you ever got in the mail?
  • What is the coolest building you have ever seen or been in?
  • Who built a fancy house for God?
  • Do you remember any of the details about God's Temple?
  • If you could build a mansion for your family, what would it include?
    (basketball course? swimming pool? bowling alley? tubes and slides? donut shop?)
  • Who did Wilbur interview through time?
  • What did he build?
  • How many times was God's Temple in Jerusalem destroyed? (3)
  • Where is God's Temple located today? Jerusalem? Washington DC? Aurora, Colorado? or in YOU?
  • Do you remember what the Bible verse was about?
  • How would you explain that verse to someone?

Here is a Bonus Video from Pastor Karl to watch and discuss:

We often go to church to meet with Jesus. But how can your friends meet Jesus if they don't go to church? In this fun video, a boy learns what it means to "take Jesus with you." Today, YOU are the Church - everywhere you go, you take Jesus with you!
NEW: Pastor Karl has launched a new Podcast called: Pastor Karl's Bedtime Stories! It is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play. (OR, if you have Alexa, just say, "Alexa, play Pastor Karl's Bedtime Stories on Apple Podcasts" - and yes, you can listen at any time of day, it doesn't have to be bedtime!)


Be sure to come back NEXT WEEK for another fun video!

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