Sunday, May 3rd - Family Service

Families, gather around and enjoy this service together. Watch the video and then use the discussion questions below to have a conversation about the lesson.
To Eternity and Beyond - Lesson Three
Designed for churches who are going online for services - this is for the kids!
LESSON TWO: The Church - Our Edification System
Enjoy this fun 15 minute video in a large group setting, or send the link below to parents to view at home.
BIG IDEA: The Church is How God's People Stay Connected to God and Each Other.
SCRIPTURE: Hebrews 10:24

Parent Discussion Guide:

Here are some discussion questions you can use in the classroom or at home to have some guided conversation on the video lesson. As kids listen, offer a treat or prize for the review questions they remember to encourage active listening! Thanks for joining Kids Church Online!

  1. What system wasn’t used this week? (The Edification System)
  2. Why was Ranger Micah floating off into space? (He forgot to stay connected to the ship.)
  3. What did God give us to help us stay connected? (The Church)
  4. What is “Edification” – it’s a big word! Look it up online.
(The instruction or improvement of a person morally or intellectually)
  5. How would you describe the Church? (The Family of God)
  6. Where is the Church? (Wherever God’s People are!)
  7. Do you remember the Bible Verse from 1C-29? (Hebrews 10:24)
  8. When we can’t meet in a church building, how can we gather?
  9. Pastor Karl said people of the church are like Lego blocks and together they form something awesome. Can you think of another way to describe the Church? (Bricks in a house, etc.)
  10.  Just for fun: What is CHURCH if you are not in the middle of it? (CH CH without the UR)

  • What do you like best about the church you attend?
  • What do you miss from church while we aren’t meeting there?
  • What does the church do that we can still do at home?
  • Can you think of someone on your “crew” – that your family can each out to and make sure they feel connected?
  • Look up Hebrews 10:24 and read it together. Memorize it!
  • Do you have any questions from the lesson today?

Be sure to come back NEXT WEEK for another Family Service!