Family Service

Sunday, May 24th

Families, gather around and enjoy this service together. Watch the video and then use the discussion questions below to have a conversation about the lesson.

New Series: Extreme Bible Dudes!

LESSON TWO: Extreme Bravery - Elijah  (30 minute video)
SUMMARY:  Tune in to the Extreme Home Sports Network to watch the Extreme Paper Airplane Competition between Maniac Micah and Crazy Karl! Kids will also  learn about Elijah, who was victorious in the extreme  sport of Fire Starting! God rewards extreme bravery!
BIG IDEA: God will show up when we are brave enough to trust Him.
SCRIPTURE: Philippians 4:19

Parent Discussion Guide:

Here are some discussion questions you can use in the classroom or at home to have some guided conversation on the video lesson. As kids listen, offer a treat or prize for the review questions they remember to encourage active listening! Thanks for joining Kids Church Online!

  1. What Extreme Sport did Maniac Micah and Crazy Karl play? 
(Extreme Paper Airplane Flyer)
  2. Who won the competition? (Crazy Karl!)
  3. What was the cool skater dude puppet’s name? (Crash)
  4. Who was the Extreme Bible Dude? (Elijah)
  5. What he do to show his extreme trust in God? (He stood up for God against some evil leaders who wanted to kill him.)
  6. What “extreme” character trait did he display? (Extreme Bravery)
  7. Do you remember the Bible Verse? (Philippians 4:19)

  • What was your favorite part of the video?
  • If you could invent an extreme sport, what would it be?
  • How would you describe “bravery” to someone?
  • Look up Philippians 4:19 and read it together. Memorize it!
  • Do you have any questions from the lesson today?

A CHALLENGE: Memorize Crash’s poem:
Take a look, in the book,
Every day and it will say,
Something new and something true,
Straight from God, Straight to you!

Be sure to come back NEXT WEEK for another Family Service!